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Choose your running shoes wisely

You decided to do something good for yourself and live healthier you’ve decided that you will start to run. Suddenly there is a need for appropriate running footwear. What to choose? What to be careful about? And what are the main differences between manufacturers? Running shoes are very important because people differ from each other, foot shapes can be very different, some people are heavier some are lighter. Also there are many differences between man and woman. Shoes also have their purpose, some are made for trail running, some for racing, others for long distance runs, etc. In this article I will explain some basics you shoulod know about before you buy your first pair of running shoes.

The most important thing you should be aware of, is the response of our feet when they contact the ground. Basically, there are three types of runner’s underpronators, overpronators and runners with normal foot arch normal pronation. Among which type of runners you belong, is best and easiest determined by visiting a sports shop, where they analys your foot with help of computer programs and you get the good results in a few moments. You can also make your own analysis at home, first step with a wet foot in a watercolour paint, then step on a white sheet of paper so you leave your foot print on the paper. If the footprint between the toes and heel is broken then you are an underpronator. If the whole foot print, from heel to toes, is visible then you belong to overpronators. The correct form of footprint is when you can see on the footprint that toes and the heel are connected, but the connection is slightly narrower than in the case of overpronation. A fast but effective test is also when you look at the bottom of your old running shoes if the outer part is more worn, that means you underpronate, if the inside part is worn you overpronate.

What else should I consider before buying?

Now that we have basically determined what type of foot we have, we need additional information. This information is the amount of training in kilometres per week, basis on which we run and runners weight. Sex is also important; although this sounds ridiculous there are obvious differences between male and female. Women have wider hips, narrower heel parts, and finally women are lighter than most of the representatives of the opposite sex, and sports shoes must be specially adapted to their needs. Also think about where you are going to run most of the time. There are big differences between trail running shoes and shoes for running on streets, running paths, etcEven among the manufacturers of sports shoes there are differences. Asics and Adidas have narrower models with low instep, Mizuno is just the opposite, wider front and a high instep. Nike has particularly strong cushioned shoes, while Salomon is specialized in so called trail sneakers. Common to all is a wide enough assortment, in which each person can find suitable running shoes for himself. Their offer includes:

the minimum cushioned sports shoes or "racers",

running shoes that provide enough stabilization and support, are designed for medium weight runners and

sneakers that have great cushioning are recommended in particular for heavy runners.

Different manufacturers also have different labels on their shoes, like DynaMotion Fit, SensorPoint, Gel, SpeVa, etc. This labels mark the technology built in different running shoes. Each manufacturer has its own labels and marks. Mostly these labels are used for better marketing. But there is one label I would like to mention, this is GORE TEX technology. This is a membrane that is impermeable to moisture and it is wise to choose it, when you run of wet grass, wet environments or winter, since it doesn’t leave moisture not in one, or another other way.

But don’t expect miracles, if water comes into the shoe in the ankle area, water stays imprisoned in your shoes, what can be very annoying.

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Take your time before you buy running shoes

When you are choosing appropriate sport shoes I recommend you to take time, try different pairs of shoes and always be critical since this is an investment in yourself and your health. If you choose right running shoes your body will function normally and healthy during your training. Before you decide to buy, try to run a few metres in the shop, so you can be more confident that the shoes fit right. Be aware that running shoes become mature only after running a few tens of kilometres with them. After replacing the second or third pair of sports shoes you already know what suits you better. It makes sense to monitor the various tests of sports shoes, because we can get a basic feeling about the shoe from these tests, what can make our decision easier. To finish I would like to mention that it is always better to chose more cushioned running shoes then racing shoes.

Racing shoes are meant for racing, cushioned shoes are much more comfortable for training and long distance runs, even if they are a bit slower.

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Airyu2011 2 years ago

Great Lens, and I just bought some new running shoes

desa999 lm 2 years ago

Just considering new running shoes now, thanks for the advice.

runningtipsforbeginners 2 years ago

I had ran in the wrong type of shoe most of the time i have been a runner. It’s not until recently that I actually stepped into a local running shoe and got my gait analysis test. I now wear stability shoes and it’s taking a while to get used to them because I’m so used to wearing neutral shoes.


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